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100 Sessions

2 Mats Special

2 Mats Special

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2 Mats Special

Embark on Your Fitness Journey Together with Our Exclusive Bulk Mat Deals! 🌟

Introducing 100 Sessions and Fat Booty Contract Mat. Your Path to Progress! After every session or workout, mark a circle or box in any way you prefer using a * Fine Point Sharpie And, of course, remember to jot down your start date on the top of the Mat!!

Elevate your fitness experience by bringing friends, family, or your significant other along for the ride! With our special bulk deals, you can now purchase 2 to 6 "Fat Booty Contract" mats at once, creating a shared wellness experience that goes beyond the mat. Perfect for classes, friend groups, or couples seeking a unique journey together, our mats are designed to celebrate every move, every session. Imagine the joy of marking off victories side by side, making fitness a collective celebration.

Consider pooling contributions from each participant to make it a shared venture. Not only does this make our mats an affordable and thoughtful gift for loved ones, but it also fosters a sense of unity in your fitness community. Let the journey to health and happiness be a collective adventure! Purchase multiple mats today and redefine the way you approach wellness – together! 🧘‍♀️💑👭 #FitnessTogether #CollectiveWellness #FatBootyJourney

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